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Free online Player , Live Broadcast , AutoDJ , 24h/7Days ONLINE SUPPORT, Uptime 99%

Start your Radio Station for free


-Admin access
-Admin and DJ password control
-Unmetered bandwidth
-Kick and Ban users
-Access log
-Start and Stop the Server control
-Listener stats

Create your own radio station

What Is Internet Radio Station ?

Internet radio station allows you to transmit audio to millions of audiences using an internet connection instead of  the air signals like terrestrial Radio Stations.


Who Wants Podcast ?

singers, artists , musicians , talk-show , stand-up comedians , business and sport channels, discussions , etc .Internet radio services offer news, sports, talk, and various genres of music, typically every format [ mp3 , ogg , … ] and all genres that is available on traditional broadcast radio stations can broadcast in our online servers.


Use Everywhere :

You can moderate and mix everywhere with online control panel,your audience also can listen to your station from every desktop and mobile applications in every Geo locations.deliver your internet radio stream to any device, anywhere, with ease. Expand your reach beyond the capabilities of your antenna tower and reach millions of potential listeners, worldwide.


Start Live  :

Pause Auto-DJ And Start Your “Live” Performance . Stream your Sound-card from our servers.you can use Skype and similar softwares for online interviews , connect your midi/dj controller for live performance/mix  , etc.with Cloud “Auto DJ” and “Live Streaming” you can upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming without the need of having your computer on 24/7 on air. Additionally you can stream live, have multiple DJs and much more.

Compatible With All Devices And Browsers .
Support All Common Audio Formats .
Stream Your Audio Live From Softwares .




– Keep your Radio Station On Air – Broadcast 24/7 without keeping your computer online in all time. our servers stream your medias.

– Upload your media (MP3s, etc.) directly to the server, manage your media through our control panel, and schedule your media with “Auto Dj”

– Stop Auto Dj and stream live whenever you want through your own system and sound card .

– For singers, artists, music studios , bands , musicians,  stand-up comedians , business/talk-shows/sport/discussions/Audiobook channels and so on , You can broadcast your works or files.

– Great deal for Professional and Beginners.

– For Business deals you can earn money from your station ads .

★★ 24/7 Real Ticket/Live Chat/Phone Voxservice Support Team Will Solve Your Issues.







Get your professional Radio Broadcasting Service for FREE ,now .